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Living with chronic fibromyalgia pain can leave you feeling hopeless. But relief is available at Apple Medical Centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The clinic specializes in finding the root of your pain, then working with you to start just the right treatment for your needs. When you call the office to make an appointment, or book one online, let the team know about your fibromyalgia pain concerns. We’re confident our team can put you on the road to feeling better.


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How do I know if I have fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia sufferers often complain of widespread pain but haven’t been able to get a specific diagnosis. Because fibromyalgia is linked to so many different symptoms, it can be tricky to figure out if you have fibromyalgia, or if your pain stems from something else. If you experience several of the issues below, it’s likely that you may have fibromyalgia:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Pain or stiffness first thing in the morning
  • Numbness or tingling in your extremities
  • Sensitive or tender spots
  • Urinary pain
  • Increase in urinary frequency
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering
  • Frequent headaches
  • Abnormally painful menstrual cramps (women)

Which test diagnoses fibromyalgia?

There isn’t one unique test that helps your physician diagnose fibromyalgia; rather, the doctors at Apple Medical evaluate your overall symptoms. They gather all of your family medical history, as well as a detailed explanation of everything you’re currently experiencing.

It’s helpful to keep a journal of your symptoms for several days before your first appointment. Write down which symptoms you’re having, when they occur, and what improves your pain (if anything).

Your physician goes through a physical exam with you, too. They need to feel your lymph nodes and may press on tender points to check for inflammation. You might even need to have some blood drawn at the lab to check inflammatory markers or nutritional deficiencies. Usually, though, you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia and begin a treatment plan at your first appointment.

Is there a cure for fibromyalgia?

Sadly, no. But you can get relief once your dedicated physician puts together a treatment plan for you. Fibromyalgia treatment includes:

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Physical rehab
  • Trigger Point therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Dietary or herbal supplements
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