medical weight loss ChattanoogaFast, Effective and Easy Medical Weight Loss in chattanooga

(Without Surgery or Harsh Drugs)

“Before starting any weight loss program, please consult your physician”

How many times have you seen or read that warning? There is a good reason that weight-loss programs, health clubs and even fitness trainers issue that recommendation.

Being overweight is not an isolated condition. There are often underlying physical problems that only a licensed physician is qualified to diagnose and treat. Medically supervised weight-loss programs are safe, effective and proven.

Our most popular and successful program is a special HCG Hormone Therapy where patients routinely lose 1-2 lbs per day without hunger or trips to the gym.

There is no faster way to safely lose weight than under the guidance of a physician. Under medically supervised weight- loss programs the average weight loss is about 21 pounds in 4 weeks. Incredible results like this come from working one-on-one with a doctor to create a plan that is medically tailored to your body.

Being overweight is not just a matter of looking better, your health and quality of life is at stake.

About our Program

  • All Natural, no surgery or drugs
  • No Hunger
  • No Heavy Exercise
  • Very High Success Rate
  • Very Affordable


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Successful Weight Loss – Even During the Holidays!

Della in Chattanooga: “I lost 17 pounds and am still dropping.

When I started I had extreme headaches daily. The staff realized I had high blood pressure and I have been working on getting it to normal!

“Almost there!” I do not have bad headaches anymore and love the fact that I’m losing weight throughout the holiday season. This is a first. No Regrets. I love Apple Medical.”

One Pound per Day!

Darlene in Murfreesboro: “I was skeptical at first that [the] HCG would not work. However, I was surprised to find myself losing one pound a day right away. The weight loss has been consistent, and I feel like a new person. On top of that, I no longer have hot flashes that had been quite bothersome. [I’m] very happy with the program and all the support of the staff.”

Medical Weight-loss Success

K.M. in Murfreesboro: “I gained a lot of weight with my first baby and did not lose it all. Then I had another one and gained just what I did with my first one but I was starting off heavier from the first baby. I tried the ZONE Diet, The South Beach Diet, and exercising my tail off (unfortunately not literally) and I could lose a few pounds and then it would stop- like a car hitting a concrete wall.

So I went around town and visited several Weight Loss centers. Honestly, there was just something wrong everywhere I went. Maybe I am picky but price, staff, the facility–everywhere I went had something that made me not want to spend my money there.

Apple Medical Weight Loss Center came to my rescue! I found a great staff in a nice office for a fair price. I was actually shocked (the good kind of shocked) at what I got for my money there. They told me that they would MAKE SURE I lost weight as their reputation depended on it. Well—since January (it is April now), I have lost 41 lbs!! I am 8 pounds away from where I was before I got pregnant!! I was very skeptical but the HCG (the real stuff- not the drops you get sent to you in the mail off the internet for $50), the appetite suppressant and the counseling, all together made the program easy. Visit the others but go to Apple Medical last – you will be happy that you did.”

Medical Weight-loss Success

Doug in Hixson: “Apple Medical has helped me to lose 30 pounds in the first month.

I was very hesitant at first but my wife insisted I try it as I had been trying to drop weight over the last year and had struggled to do so.

The thing that stands out most about Apple Medical are the people – everyone is great and very helpful. My story will continue with apple medical until I drop 60 more pounds but with their help this will be a matter of months instead of years.”

Medical Weight-loss Success

L.S. in Cleveland, TN: “My whole life I had always been thin, active and energetic. Weight had never been a problem for me.

That is, until I turned 25. All of a sudden, the weight set in. My legs stayed skinny but my belly grew. I had a woman at a baseball game ask me how much longer I had (until the baby came). That’s when I knew I had to do something. I suffered through the bad breath of the Atkins Diet, the embarrassing meetings at Weight Watchers, dangerous supplement, and time consuming workout classes.

Slowly the weight came off, 2 pounds, 5 pounds, but whenever I was under stress again, I would instantly gain it right back. P90X got me in the best shape of my life, but then I started a new job, working 12-14 hour days and had no time or energy to exercise. The weight came back!

In December, I decided that in 2011 I was going to lose it for good. I was very skeptical!! How could I possibly expect to not exercise a ton, lose up to a pound a day and not have to struggle to get up in the morning? I figured if it worked even half as well as I had heard, it would be better than nothing.

Ya’ll, I went from 157-132 in a month!!! AND I HAVEN’T GAINED IT BACK!! With my doctor’s help, I now have a better understanding of what causes the body to store unhealthy fat and what I should and should not be eating. I look better at 30 than I did at 25!! I have my self confidence back and — ladies– A whole new wardrobe!!”