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WELCOME TO APPLE MEDICAL CENTERS Apple Medical Centers is a professional medical center with serving the health...

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Apple Medical Centers is a professional medical center with serving the health needs of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Many people suffer from symptoms of poor health, excess weight, back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue and more. Every symptoms is actually a signal from the body that points toward an underlying (often hidden) health issue.

Our medical and professional staff know how to read these signals. They alleviate the unwanted symptoms by discovering the underlying causes. Once the cause of a condition is handled medically, the symptoms vanish and the person is restored to natural health and vitality.

When I started the program, my pain was so bad that some days I was in tears. Ibuprofen was my best friend. Since completing the therapy, I’m not even sure the last time I had to take ibuprofen. Though it does bother me sometimes, it is nowhere near where I was. Thanks guys!
Delinar W.

Effective Handling of Pain in Chattanooga


If you are suffering from chronic pain or dysfunction, we are here to help. Pain is one of the body’s primary mechanisms to signal that there is something wrong. All pain means something as it is a symptom of underlying issues. Unlike most Pain Management Centers, which focus on the use of heavy drugs to mask pain, we specialize in the proven field of Physical Medicine.

Physical Medicine, is a branch of rehabilitative medicine. Its aim is to restore optimum functionality and improve quality of life for those that are suffering from pain, physical impairments or disabilities.

Accidents, illnesses, long-term stress and other factors cause injury to the muscles, soft tissues, bones (including structure and alignment) and even the nervous system. Our medical staff has years of training, experience and success in bringing lasting and real relief to our patients. By locating the cause (not just medicating the symptoms) we can very often bring tremendous relief to our patients.

You don’t have to resign yourself to live with back and neck pain, headaches and disability.

Quite often our practitioners get results where nothing else has worked. We have a very high success rate with less serious back and spine related issues as well. Please contact us today for more information and a free, no obligation, consultation to see how we can help you live pain free.

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